Australian Volleyball Team Archive

A record of Australian Volleyball Players

2008 Asian Juniors

14th Asian Junior Mens Volleyball Championships
Tehran, Iran
23rd – 31st August 2008

Final Place -5th


  • Benjamin BELL (QLD)
  • Thomas EDGAR (QLD)
  • Bradie FOSTER (QLD)
  • Hamish HINGSTON (TAS)
  • Jason HUGHES (VIC)
  • Oliver KONAKOFF (NSW)
  • Travis PASSIER (QLD)
  • Robert REEVES (QLD)
  • Michael SNART (WA)
  • Joel TYRELL (ACT)
  • Adam WHITE (QLD)
  • Aidan ZINGEL (NSW

Head Coach: Darren WILSON (QLD)
Assistant Coach: Steven BURTON (QLD)

14th Asian Junior Womens Volleyball Championships
Chinese Taipei
20th -28th September 2008

Final Place -9th


  • Xanthe Hand (WA)
  • Beth Carey (SA)
  • Kirsten Smith (SA)
  • Jo Young (VIC)
  • Kat Chen (VIC)
  • Karley Hynes (VIC)
  • Katie Bartoli (NSW)
  • Loren Cory (QLD)
  • Katarina Osadchuk (QLD)
  • Taliqua Clancy (QLD)
  • Taylor Schulz (QLD)
  • Jessica Russell-Croucher (QLD)

Head Coach Jenny Becker (QLD
Assistant Coach Allan Young (QLD)
Trainer Karl Lim (VIC)
Performance Analyst Chaue Le (VIC)
Referee Luke Yan (NSW)

2008 Asian Juniors

One thought on “2008 Asian Juniors

  1. T,

    Unfortunately for Jasper he sprained his ankle badly a couple of week before the tour and didn’t go to the Asians. Instead, Joel Tyrrell from ACT attended.

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