Australian Volleyball Team Archive

A record of Australian Volleyball Players

2007 Asian Youth

6th Asian Youth Boys Competition
Genting Highland, Malaysia
20-28 May, 2007

Final Place – 7th

  • Benjamin Bell (QLD)
  • Jasper Boyschau (QLD)
  • Thomas Edgar (QLD)
  • Daniel Gauci (NSW)
  • Hamish Hingston (TAS)
  • Jason Hughes (VIC)
  • William Lewis (VIC)
  • Travis Passier (QLD)
  • Luke Skewes (VIC)
  • Johnathon Stock (VIC)
  • Adam White (QLD)
  • Aidan Zingel (NSW)

Head Coach: Darren Wilson (QLD)
Asst. Coach: Greg Tompos (USA)

6th Asian Youth Girls Championships
Ratchaburj, Thailand
7-15 May, 2007

Final Place – 8th

  • Michelle Bridges (QLD)
  • Ebony Camille (VIC)
  • Beth Carey (SA)
  • Kobi Evans (WA)
  • Tracey Hasselerharm (WA)
  • Danielle Horne (VIC)
  • Jessica Lampe (VIC)
  • Hannah Martin (VIC)
  • Jessica Russell-Croucher (QLD)
  • Lena Skipper (VIC)
  • Taylor Schulz (QLD)
  • Rhiannon Tooker (QLD)

Head Coach: Jenny Becker (QLD)
Coach: Allan Young (QLD)
Coach: Karl Lim (VIC)

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