Australian Volleyball Team Archive

A record of Australian Volleyball Players

2014 Asian Youth

10th Asian Youth Boys Volleyball Championships
5th – 13th September 2014
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Final Place – 8th


  •  Thomas WASS (SA)
  • Jarred MCEVOY (SA)
  • Alexander DUNNING (QLD)
  • David MORGAN (QLD)
  • Nicholas BUTLER (AIS/WA)
  • Matthew AUBREY (AIS/QLD)
  • Oswald TAN (WA)
  • Conal MCAINSH (SA)
  • Adam MORRIS (QLD)
  • Kieran ACKHURST (NSW)
  • Matthew SNEDDON (AIS/QLD)
  • Harrison BYRNE (VIC)

Head Coach – Andrew MCCASKILL (QLD)
Assistant Coach and Manager – Les YOUNG (ACT)
Assistant Coach – Martin COLLINS (QLD)
Performance Analyst – Brendan GARLICK (QLD)



10th Asian Youth Girls Volleyball Championships
11th – 19th October 2014
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Final Place – 13th


  • Mikayla ADAM (VIC) L
  • Caitlin BETTENAY (QLD)
  • Natasha BLEWETT (SA)
  • Grace CONVEY (QLD)
  • MykaeLa FAULKNER (QLD)
  • Georgia JOHNSON (QLD)
  • Tanya MIJOVIC (VIC)
  • Casey MUIRHEAD (SA)
  • Cheniah POTTS (SA)
  • Kylee WHITE (QLD)
  • Claudia YOUNG (QLD)

Coach: Nam PHAM
Assistant:  Anna PHILLIPS


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