2008 Asian Juniors

14th Asian Junior Men’s Volleyball Championships
Tehran, Iran
23rd – 31st August 2008

Final Place -5th

  • Benjamin Bell (QLD)
  • Thomas Edgar (QLD)
  • Bradie Foster (QLD)
  • Hamish Hingston (TAS)
  • Jason Hughes (VIC)
  • Oliver Konakoff (NSW)
  • Travis Passier (QLD)
  • Robert Reeves (QLD)
  • Michael Snart (WA)
  • Joel Tyrell (ACT)
  • Adam White (QLD)
  • Aidan Zingel (NSW)

Head Coach: Darren Wilson (QLD)
Assistant Coach: Steven Burton (QLD)

14th Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championships
Chinese Taipei
20th -28th September 2008

2008 Asian Juniors

Final Place -9th

  • Xanthe Hand (WA)
  • Beth Carey (SA) Captain
  • Kirsten Smith (SA)
  • Jo Young (VIC)
  • Kat Chen (VIC) Libero
  • Karley Hynes (VIC)
  • Katie Bartoli (NSW)
  • Loren Cory (QLD)
  • Katarina Osadchuk (QLD)
  • Taliqua Clancy (QLD)
  • Taylor Schulz (QLD)
  • Jessica Russell-Croucher (QLD)

Head Coach: Jenny Becker (QLD)
Assistant Coach: Allan Young (QLD)
Trainer: Karl Lim (VIC)
Performance Analyst: Chau Le (VIC)
Referee: Luke Yan (NSW)

One thought on “2008 Asian Juniors

  1. T,

    Unfortunately for Jasper he sprained his ankle badly a couple of week before the tour and didn’t go to the Asians. Instead, Joel Tyrrell from ACT attended.

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