1993 Asian Seniors

7th Asian Senior Women’s Championships
Shanghai, China
24-30 July, 1993

Final Place – 10th

  • Sally Bacon (NSW)
  • Alison Brown (VIC)
  • Sharon Browning (QLD)
  • Alison Diggle (VIC)
  • Liane Fenwick (NSW)
  • Patrizia Giglietti (NSW)
  • Annette Huygens-Tholen (QLD)
  • Pauline Manser (WA)
  • Debbie Vokes (VIC)
  • Laurel Wentworth (ACT)
  • Robyn Wentworth (ACT)
  • Lisa Willcocks (WA)
  • Christine Wilson (WA)

7th Asian Senior Men’s Championships
Nakorn Ratchasima
11-19 September, 1993

Final Place – 6th

  • Steve Lugge (QLD)
  • Gabriel Mauerhofer (VIC)
  • Darren Donaldson (QLD)
  • David Waite (VIC)
  • Edi Vukosa (NSW)
  • Bruce Bourner (QLD)
  • Scott Newcomb (QLD)
  • David Beard (VIC)
  • Geoff Hart (NSW) – Captain
  • Russell Wentworth (ACT)
  • Michael Reu (SA)
  • Scott Neubeck (NSW)

Head Coach – Phill Borgeaud
Asst Coach – Andrew Strugnell
Manager – Ken Breen

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