1999 Asian Seniors

10th Asian Senior Men’s Championships
Tehran, Iran
2-9 September, 1999

1999 Asian Championships

Final Place – 2nd

  • Ben Hardy (ACT) (c)
  • Dan Howard (WA)
  • Spiro Marazios (NSW)
  • Ben Loft (VIC)
  • Shane Van Beest (QLD)
  • Scott Newcomb (QLD)
  • David Beard (VIC) Libero
  • David Waite (VIC)
  • Troy Goodman (VIC)
  • Nick Mortimer (VIC)
  • Nathan Jakavicius (QLD)
  • Russell Wentworth (ACT)

Coach – Stelio DeRocco
Asst Coach – Mark Lebedew
PA Coach – Dan Ilott
Manager – Andrew Strugnell

10th Asian Senior Women’s Championships
Hong Kong, China
21-26 September, 1999

Final Place – 6th

  • Louise Bawden (VIC)
  • Sandra Bowen (VIC)
  • Bea Daly (SA)
  • Christie Mokotupu (NSW)
  • Priscilla Ruddle (VIC)
  • Megan Avery (SA)
  • Renae Maycock (SA)
  • Alison Portus (VIC)
  • Majella Brown (QLD)

Head Coach – Brad Saindon
Assistant Coach – Mark Barnard

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